19th May 2020

Dear Parents/Carers,

I want to start by thanking you for your support, patience and understanding.

Home schooling (as I’ve found out myself with my two, who are in Year 3 and Year 5) is hard work! In my head, I had planned a big reopening, where we would be able to have a big party and we would all celebrate being one big family again and it’s so sad that it’s not going to be like that at all.

The Government have asked us to plan for the return of 4 of the year groups – Nursery, Reception, Year 1 and Year 6 initially. This is not definite as it depends on the five key tests set by the Government and we will not know until the end of May whether this will happen.

I understand there are many emotions and concerns around the possibility of children returning to school and many questions are still to be answered for both parents and schools. With support from my Governors, any decisions that I make will be made through the eyes of a Mum as well as a Headteacher.

I have produced a risk assessment based on advice from the Government, Local Authority and our Health and Safety providers. This is on the website should you wish to read in full. This letter summarises what measures we intend to put in place, should schools open, to minimise the risk to pupils, staff and parents.

Personal Hygiene

· Children will be supervised to wash their hands at several points during the day

· Anti-bacterial gel will be used

· Disposable tissues in every teaching space to ‘Catch it, bin it, kill it’ and place in lidded bins

· Children will need to wear clean clothes each day.


· Extra cleaners will be cleaning at various points in the day

· All frequently touched surfaces, equipment, door handles and surfaces will be cleaned throughout and at the end of the day

· Bins will be frequently emptied during the day

· Toys steam cleaned

· Extra antiseptic cloths and sprays available for staff in each learning area as and when needed.

Social Distancing

· Staggered start and end times to day

· Y1 and R to use kitchen entrance, N and Y6 to use main entrance

· 1 parent to drop off and collect using one-way systems in place

· Children to be taught in small groups of no more than 12 with same adults in same learning space

· Pupils sit at same table each day (R, 1 and 6) which is approx. 2m from others

· Children from different groups will not mix at breaktime or lunchtime

· Tapes, spots and distance markers will be used to encourage the 2m rule

Reducing shared resources

· Each child (R, 1 and 6) will have their own pencil case, with all the resources they need inside to avoid sharing

· No book bags to be brought in, no books to go home

· PE resources will be kept in bag in learning space so can only be used with that group. These will be cleaned regularly.


· Each group will have their own 1st aid kit and a member of staff who is 1st aid trained.

· All staff who will be changing children, administering 1st aid / medicine or asked to be with a poorly child will wear PPE. Equipment for staff includes masks, gloves, aprons and plastic glasses.

Please read carefully, together with the Questions and Answers. I need to know likely numbers of pupils who will be returning, initially from these 4 year groups. I would ask you to contact the school by the end of Thursday 21st May and let us know if you will be sending your child in so that the next stage of the planning can take place.


Best wishes,

Mrs C Underwood


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