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I will not be pretending that I have all the answers, but here are some questions that some people have been asking and with ‘honesty’ being one of our core values, the best answers I can give. If you have any further questions, please message me on class dojo or by email to

When my child returns to school, will they be taught by their usual teacher?

No, this may not be the case. The following teachers are classed as ‘clinically vulnerable’ due to underlying health conditions and following government guidance, will not be working in school – Mrs Selvey Y6, Mrs Hallard Y1, Mrs Smith Y2, Mrs Price Y3, Mrs Homer Y3 and Mrs Bennett Y4. We will be organising learning groups once we know the number of children returning and will let you know in more detail what group your child will be in and who they will be taught by.

Will my children be with their friends?

We will organise groupings being as mindful as possible of individual children needs, families and friendships.

Is it my choice if my child attends from June 1st onwards?

We would ask you to read the letter dated 19.5.20 and this FAQ sheet and make your own mind up based on the information available, knowledge of your own situation and circumstances. You will not be fined if you choose for your child to stay at home. We will respect parental choice at this time and we will continue to support you with your home learning if that is your choice. We want you to be happy with the decision that you make and know that we fully understand and support you, whatever choice you make.

My child has health issues, should they come in?

Clinically vulnerable (but not clinically extremely vulnerable) people are those considered to be at a higher risk of severe illness from coronavirus. A minority of children will fall into this category, and parents should follow medical advice if their child is in this category. Children and young people who live in a household with someone who is extremely clinically vulnerable and shielding should only attend if stringent social distancing can be adhered to and the child or young person is able to understand and follow those instructions.

Children and young people who live with someone who is clinically vulnerable (but not extremely clinically vulnerable) as defined in the social distancing guidance and including those who are pregnant, can attend. DFE May 2020

Can you guarantee that my child will be 2 metres away from others at all times and that social distancing will be enforced?

I’m afraid not. We are a school and despite our best efforts with the children that have been in, this has not happened. Children fall over and need a hug, children talk and play with others. The government states that they do not expect primary school children to keep to the social distance rule and therefore by keeping a small group of children together which they refer to as a ‘bubble’ means that the risk is lower as they will be in contact with the same adults and children. We will of course do our best to support distancing, but this is very difficult.

Will staff and children wear masks?

The Government are not recommending the use of PPE for staff or children as general use but suggests that for changing children, 1st aid and looking after a poorly child, that an apron, mask and gloves are worn. We also have protective glasses, should they be needed too.

Will children in school bring reading books home?

No, not at this time as we do not want to send unnecessary items back and forth into homes potentially transferring the virus. We will continually re-evaluate this and resume when we feel this is appropriate, but for now parents can access the phonics and reading materials made available for home learning.

Will my child need to wear school uniform?

It may help children to be in school uniform to feel like life is getting back to "normal", but we appreciate that parents cannot get feet measured etc at the moment and may have outgrown uniform. We will allow those that have uniform and want their child to wear it to do so, but those who do not have uniform that fits well (particularly shoes) to wear their own clothes. If children are in their own clothes, they should be suitable for school and the weather please. Parents must be mindful that they may be doing art, PE and outdoor activities. To reduce the risk of spreading the virus, we ask that the children wear fresh clothes each day.

Will breakfast club and after school clubs be open?

No, the government are not suggesting this as they do not want the groups to mix. Children should have breakfast before they attend school.

Will we allow visitors and volunteers into school?

The only visitors who will be allowed into school are building contractors and social workers.

Will the school office be open?

Yes, but we ask parents not to come into school at this time. If you call 558230 and press 1, you can speak to a member of the Attendance and Parental Enquiry team, who will act on your message and get back to you, typically within 24 hours.

Will you continue to provide online home learning activities?

We will continue to set home learning activities, during term-time, so that that all children have access to provision to support their learning, regardless of year group.

Will my child be expected to share resources, such as pens and pencils?

No, we have purchased pencil cases for each child in R, 1 and 6, so that they can have all the resources they need in front of them.

My child has Special Educational Needs and/or Disability (SEND), how will you continue to ensure they are effectively supported?

As with any child at Bushbury, we are committed to ensuring that children can ‘be the best that they can be’ and will continue to do so. Our number one priority at this time, however is your child’s safety and wellbeing and that of others. Where your child may have had individual or small group support before the lockdown, social distancing and balancing the deployment of staff may mean that this is not possible.

What will my child need to bring to school?

Children will need to bring their own packed lunch if not having a school meal (both clearly named please). To reduce risk of transmission, we ask that children bring only the necessities to school. Children should bring a coat in case of cool or wet weather and if the weather is forecast to be hot, please send a sunhat and apply sun-cream in the morning.

If you have additional questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch and I will do my best to answer them.

Mrs Underwood


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