At Bushbury Hill Primary School, our vision is for every child to be inspired through a creative curriculum, so that they become confident and caring individuals, who work hard and become lifelong learners, so they aspire to be, the best they can be, in everything they do.


We will do this by:
  • Creating a safe, nurturing and positive environment that makes everyone feel welcome and valued.

  • Working collaboratively as a team to instil a strong work ethic.

  • Providing a curriculum which inspires, challenges and meets the needs of all children.

  • Equipping pupils with fundamental life skills.

  • Listening to pupil voice, to ensure that individual needs are met through a collaborative approach.

  • Promoting individuality and valuing the talents and contributions of everyone.

  • Having consistently high expectations, in everything we do.

  • Encouraging children to take responsibility for their actions.

  • Modelling positive and respectful relationships at all times.

  • Celebrating the achievements and successes of the whole school community.

  • Communicating our core values in everything we do.


Our school vision is underpinned by our 5 core values:
  • Respect

  • Honesty

  • Positivity

  • Determination

  • Resilience

Our School moto is:

' To be the best that we can be'


Mission, Vision & Values

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