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School Nurses lead and deliver the Health Child Programme (HCP). The HCP is the early intervention and prevention public health programme that lies at the heart of universal services for our children and families. It is a series of reviews, screening tests, vaccinations and information to support parents/carers and help them give children the best chance of staying healthy and well.

School Nurses also help to ensure that our children stay fit and healthy. They do this by offering a variety of services such as:

  • Carrying out developmental screening;

  • Undertaking health interviews;

  • Providing health and puberty education within schools;

  • Working alongside Early Help services

Contact Details

Our School Nursing Team can be contacted as follows: 01902 444511.

The Nursing Team support us on request, and can be consulted on medical matters in school or over the phone.

During your child's year in both Reception and Year 6, your child will be seen by the School Nurse to carry out screening of height, weight and vision.

In Year 1, your child will have a hearing test.


The School Nurse is involved in the promotion of health education in school, in line with the National Curriculum. Hygiene and puberty is taught to Years 4, 5 and 6 pupils as part of our Relationships and Sex Education (see policy on website). Prior to these lessons, parents/carers will be informed.

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School Nurse - Mrs Joanne Vickers

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